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Imperial College London

Imperial College London booklet and website on an ipad
Brand strategy workshop attended by 17 members of the ICL Careers team.
Audience personas created to focus minds, messaging and service offerings.
Distinctive visual design assets created.
Imperial College London
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Imperial College London’s Careers Service provides varied and comprehensive careers guidance, information and a vacancy service to students and alumni at the university.

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Imperial College London branding on website and banner stand

“IE Brand’s work has been transformational, they have succeeded in creating a distinctive and highly recognisable identity within the university’s strict, overarching brand guidelines, we are delighted with the overall value and impact delivered.”

Richard Marshall

Information Manager, ICL

Before we landed 

Stakeholder research had shown that the service was suffering from a lack of understanding and student recognition. IE Brand was invited to run a Strategy Workshop for the careers team, then pitched to create a new visual identity.

The challenge we were set

ICL commissioned a highly recognisable visual identity to raise awareness in a ‘noisy’ market. They placed importance on a distinctive solution that could be effectively policed and applied in-house through templates. The solution had to comply with ICL’s existing brand guidelines.

The difference we made

IE Brand presented a striking new visual identity, providing a name-style, typography, photography, imagery and colour palettes. Brand guidelines detailed how to express the identity when working across the university and within individual faculties. This was supplemented by branded pop-up banners, slide presentations and magazine templates.

IE’s work has resulted in a clear strategy, a newly expressed brand proposition and a highly recognisable visual identity – a great foundation from which to promote the service. 

Awareness and engagement levels – and staff confidence – are all up, and impact measuring is underway.