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Mobile Web for Young People

Did you know that the UK is leading Europe In mobile internet usage – with 20% of young people aged between 15 and 24 regularly accessing the web via their mobile phone. And mobile use is not just popular in the UK – mobile data traffic across the globe tripled in 2010 and more young people are using mobile internet today than ever before.

Mobile web browsing is expected to significantly catch up on the traditional desktop-based experience within the next two to three years so it’s something that nearly all organisations need to be considering.

85% of all mobile phones that are sold can access the internet. As always, the user comes first and in 2010 the connection speed doubled making mobile websites more accessible than ever.

Do you need a mobile website? If you’re seeking to reach young people – absolutely yes! And if you’re simply looking to future proof your website or stay one step ahead of the competition you probably ought to be thinking about it too.


IE has just completed a cracking mobile website for Zazazu TV – a Russian online TV station that Luther Spicer, IE’s Design Consultant, branded last year.

It’s worth comparing the desktop version with the mobile version

Same organisation. Common content. But an entirely different structure / layout to ensure the optimum user experience on each device.

Future generations will grow up accessing the internet mainly via mobile devices so it is crucial for organisations to establish their presence in this area – especially if young people are an important audience.

IE has a proven track record implementing innovative mobile websites that deliver measurable results. And our Digital Consultants are mobile too – so if you’d appreciate a visit to discuss a possible project – give us a call today on 0121 693 8700.