Making the most of a Google Ad Grant for charity Betel UK

Our review of Betel UK's AdWords spend uncovered £50k worth of potential improvement in PPC effectiveness, with better use of their Google Ad Grant.

Thousands of non-profit organisations are benefitting from a Google Ad Grant, giving them $10,000 worth of free AdWords advertising every month. If your charity isn’t among them, you should really look into it, as you could be missing out on a huge amount of exposure, donations and volunteers. It’s all part of the Google for Non-Profits programme, which helps eligible registered charities to drive traffic to their websites.

Case study: Betel UK

One organisation that really is making the most of its grant is IE’s client Betel UK. They are a independent Christian charity for people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. They thrive by training their residents to be furniture restorers, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners, which funds their work. That means they’re not actively looking for monetary donations, but they do need a steady flow of quality donated furniture for refurbishment.

Having rebranded the charity and delivered their responsive new website, Betel UK also asked IE for help with their Google Ad Grant. They were receiving $10k per month in PPC advertising, and wanted to optimise its use to increase donations of furniture for restoration and to drive traffic to the online shop.

IE’s digital consultants took a good look at Betel’s AdWords account and carried out a thorough review of Google Analytics, to understand where the grant was being well spent and where it could be working harder to drive traffic and conversions.

Optimising AdWords to drive £50k PPC improvement

We unified the AdWords accounts into one and created a custom Google Analytic dashboard for all five of Betel UK’s businesses, enabling more informed decisions and a clearer visibility of return on investment. Then we stripped out thousands of wasteful keywords, opening up opportunities to invest more in the most effective ones. We looked at their ad copy to ensure consistency of message from search engine to landing page, improving calls to action where necessary to minimise bounce rates and maximise conversion. Last but not least, we reviewed their SEO to improve natural search results.

Our review showed that up to 65% of the grant could be used more effectively - a potential improvement of over £50,000 per year to be redeployed and deliver a higher ROI.

If you’d like some advice on how to make the most of your Google Ad Grant, IE would love to help. Email us or call 0121 693 8700.

Or read more about applying for a Google Ad Grant. Charities that can demonstrate their AdWords accounts are being really well managed - with regular maintenance, high clickthrough rates and tracked conversions - may even qualify for GrantsPro, taking the maximum available grant to $40,000 per month.